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Marca’s referee announces the validity of Barcelona’s disallowed goal against Real Madrid

Arbitration expert Perez Burol disagreed with the VAR decision regarding the controversial play of Barcelona star Amin Yamal in the first half of the ongoing El Clásico match against Real Madrid.

The two teams will play at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the home of the Merengues, in the 32nd round of La Liga.

Lamine Yamal shot a deceptive low ball that Real Madrid goalkeeper Lunin narrowly cleared, while Barcelona players demanded a goal because the ball crossed the goal line.

However, the match referee, after returning to video technology, did not count Barca’s second goal, because the ball did not cross the line in its entire circumference and indicated that play should continue in the 28th minute.

In the 28th minute, Rafinha executed a corner kick at the near post, met by Lamine Yamal with one deceptive touch, and goalkeeper Andrey Lunin narrowly cleared it, while it appeared that the ball had crossed the goal line.

The Barcelona players demanded that the goal be counted, but the referee stopped the match for several minutes awaiting the decision of the “VAR”, which confirmed that the ball had not crossed its entire circumference, after which the referee ordered the game to continue.

It is noteworthy that Barcelona took an early lead in El Clasico through Andreas Christensen’s header in the 6th minute, before Vinicius Junior equalized for Real Madrid from a penalty kick in the 18th minute.

Speaking to Spanish Radio Marca, Burol said: “We do not have a technique to remove doubts, but it appears that the ball entered the goal in its entire circumference when Lunin was inside the goal.”

In addition to the usual importance of the El Clásico match, given the historical hostility between the two teams, the confrontation will be decisive for the La Liga title.

Real Madrid is at the top of the standings with 81 points, while Barcelona is runner-up with 11 points.

Watch the shot of Barcelona’s unaccounted goal

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