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Flick’s first comment after signing for Barcelona

German Hansi Flick was suspended for the first time after signing, today, Wednesday, Barcelona’s coaching contracts, starting next season.

Flick said, in statements highlighted by the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”: “First, I would like to thank all the people who participated in my appointment. It is an honor and also a dream to sign a contract to coach Barcelona. To work with this club, and for this great club.”

He added: “I am very excited to start working with this wonderful club. Since my arrival, I have noticed that everyone loves the club and is doing everything they can for its success.”

He continued: “I like for the team I lead to control the ball and play offensive football. These are the aspects that I like and we will work to achieve them.”

He continued: “Barcelona has one of the best academies in the world. In the first team there is a good mix between experienced players and young, talented players.”

He continued: “We must work to improve. This is our work together with Deco and Laporta. For me, it is important to work in a team spirit. We must work together in this aspect. We must focus on this task and I am happy to do it with these people.” .

He added: “I won some titles with Bayern Munich and I would like to continue this path in Barcelona. We can achieve a lot together and this is the most important thing.”

He concluded: “I say to the Barcelona fans: Hello friends, I am very excited to start this journey with you. Your support is very important and together we can achieve a lot with this wonderful team. Long live Barcelona!”

It is noteworthy that Flick achieved the league, cup and Champions League treble with Bayern Munich in 2020.

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