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A former member of the midfield ranks at Barcelona has this weekend taken firm aim at soon-to-be Real Madrid star Kylian Mbappé.

As much comes amid fresh questions regarding the attitude displayed by the 25-year-old of late.

It is of course world football’s worst-kept secret that frontman Mbappé is all set to link up with Real Madrid this summer.

After coming to the decision not to renew his expiring deal with Paris Saint-Germain, the Frenchman has since been locked in negotiations with the Blancos brass, with an agreement between the parties on the terms of a pre-contract understood to be in place.

Mbappé’s exit will of course mark a blow for not only PSG, but French football as a whole.

The prolific frontman is a major draw for Ligue 1, with the absence of a player of his status no doubt set to have a major impact on viewership figures and more.

And yet, one of Mbappé’s fellow countrymen who feels as though his departure cannot come soon enough comes in the form of Emmanuel Petit.

Speaking to the French media (as cited by Mundo Deportivo) ahead of PSG’s cup final meeting with Lyon on Saturday night, ex-Arsenal and Barcelona star Petit slammed Mbappé for what he considers a complete lack of humility:

“Enough! We are tired of the Mbappé issue. He has to reconnect, get off the clouds a little and have a certain humility like the one he had at the beginning of his career. I was your first follower, but these days I’m already tired. If I could take him to the airport to go to Madrid. I would do it.”

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