Ancelotti: I will be happy after two Real Madrid players leave

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke about the future of some of his players, in his appearance in front of the media before the team’s match in the new season of the Spanish League, tomorrow, Sunday, against Almeria.

It seems that the situation of Dani Ceballos and Marco Asensio will continue to raise controversy until the end of the summer transfer market, given that the Italian coach did not seem convinced that they would continue with his project.

He said, “I have to evaluate the players who are here at the moment, doing well in the interest of everyone.”

He added, “Everyone can comment on his future with the club, and I am focusing on the team that I have, which includes Ceballos and Asensio until today.”

And he added, “Until the 31st, if something changes in their thinking, we will adapt.”

Ancelotti was more assertive when he talked about Hazard in a season that carries many hopes that his contribution to the team will increase, after he has already recovered from the injuries that affected him in previous seasons.

He continued: “It is true that Eden will play more than last year, bearing in mind that he can play in different positions in attack. He used to play on the left, and he also performed well on the right side last year in Bilbao, and we are trying to include him as a fake striker. He can show his quality. He will play more.”

Vinicius glow

Ancelotti expressed his hope that the Brazilian Vinicius Junior will succeed in repeating the last great season, and continue to achieve success, and maintain the continuity, which was crucial to the team’s achievement of titles.

He continued: “It was a great season, without moments to say that he was tiring, he was always decisive. He won a lot of games. We ask him to continue like this.”

Carlito is not interested in Finni’s ranking in the candidates for the Ballon d’Or, adding: “These are assessments that have been made. It is not important whether he is ninth or fourth. Fini is very happy with what he has done. He scored the fourteenth goal (Champions League). He will fight for it (the Ballon d’Or) in the future.”

Before the team’s first start in the Spanish League tomorrow, Ancelotti indicated that his team, the defending champion, will be the opponent that must be overcome if any team wants to win the championship this season.

“We have all the hopes of the world to start a season in which we will defend the title. It will be very competitive and complicated matches from tomorrow,” he added.

Chuamini and Casemiro

After confirming his intention to give Hazard a greater opportunity to participate, he defended the issue of involving Casemiro alongside Chuamini, as well as the position in which Antonio Rudiger will play.

He added, “The two can play as a fulcrum, but each has its own distinctive characteristics.”

He added: “Rüdiger is very good. It is true that I played him on the left side in his first match, but he will usually be a central defender. If we have an emergency during the season, he will be effective in playing on the left side.”

Regarding the World Cup in Qatar, he added: “Even the World Cup, we will not face many problems, because the players want to go in good condition, and they will prepare well. Doubts appear with their return, with their condition when they return at the important moment of the season. Thinking about giving a rest.

He concluded: “The reasons for the rotation are to have a very strong squad, you have all the players excited, and because there is a World Cup. We need a very big group and in good shape. The idea is to rotate a little bit more compared to last year because I have a more complete squad.”

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