James Rodriguez wishes Liverpool to win the Champions League for a strange reason


Although like Real Madrid before, James Rodriguez does not want Real Madrid to win the Champions League final against Liverpool

Colombian James Rodriguez expressed his opinion clearly on the identity of his favorite hero in the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Although James Rodriguez has previously played for Real Madrid, he clearly declared his preference for Liverpool to beat Meringue on the twenty-eighth of next May in the French capital, Paris.

Why does James Rodriguez want Liverpool to win the Champions League?

The current Qatari player, Al Rayyan, said via “Twitch”: “I want Liverpool to be the champion, I have many friends of course in Real Madrid and it is a difficult team in this type of matches, but I want Lucho (Luis Diaz) to win.”

He added about his future in the next Mercato: “I will see what can be done next season. Return to the high level is available. We will see who wants that left foot!”

It is worth noting that James is with Diaz in the Colombia national team, the latter of which is a Liverpool player who has shown an impressive level since his arrival at Anfield in January, drawing attention to him as one of the best talents in the world today.

While James Rodriguez spent 4 full seasons at Real Madrid and spent some of his time on loan to Bayern Munich, he has won two Champions Leagues and wants to return once again to the top level in Europe.

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