Vinicius confessed that Ancelotti made a key decision to achieve his hat trick


The Brazilian confessed that the coach had planned to remove him from the field before but, after talking to him, he did not and ended up scoring three goals.

Vinicius was the great protagonist of the Madrid victory against Levante with three goals from him. The Brazilian acknowledged that Ancelotti even asked him if he wanted to continue playing to score more goals, something that finally happened.

Ancelotti smelled his hat trick

“My first hat trick, after this season that I am doing, leaves me very happy. They all help me a lot. The coach let me stay on the pitch longer to score these three goals. We have enjoyed a lot. We have to prepare well for the final”.

Ancelotti asked him if he would change him

“Yes, he asked me if he wanted me to change so that the people would applaud me, but I stayed longer and I was able to score those goals.”

Benzema and his connection

“The connection has been very good, I hope to continue like this with him until he retires with Madrid. I hope I win the Ballon d’Or.”

Benzema, historical

“Benzema scores a lot of goals and hopefully he can achieve many more things at this club that he wants so much”.


“We are preparing for the final. I didn’t play the last opening match, but we have to be prepared for that match in Paris, the most beautiful of the season”.

Descent of the Levant

“It’s a shame. Levante play good football, it’s a shame they have to go down to second. I’m sure they’ll go back up to First Division soon.”

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