Unacceptable reaction from Simeone towards Ancelotti after the derby

The Atlético de Madrid complexes are reproduced on all scales. Soccer players, fans, and even by their own coach. Cholo Simeone did not have the decency to shake hands with Carlo Ancelotti, who tried to say goodbye to him after the derby.

Simeone ran to the locker room as soon as the final whistle was heard. Carletto turned in search of his counterpart and even reached out to extend his arm, but he went straight. A full-fledged lack of respect that already cost him in his day an argument with Jürgen Klopp.

“Normally I don’t greet the coach after the game because I don’t like it. There is always someone who is unhappy with what is happening,” Simeone said on his day. That says a lot about him.

The best paid coach in the world (20 million a year) does not know how to lose. He still has a lot to learn from true gentlemen like Ancelotti, who, whether in victory or defeat, approaches the rival coach to congratulate him.

The image is going around the world on social networks. It hurts to see how a historical football man, like Carletto, remains with his arm outstretched in search of an answer from Simeone.

You cannot expect more from Atlético de Madrid. Club that allows the ultras to continue to have power in the institution, dedicate racist insults to players like Vinicius, throw objects… We cannot understand it and, yes, we are also proud of not being like you.

source: defensacentral

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