Carvajal: I succeeded in the “trap” plan against the Atletico player

Movistar microphones at the foot of the field

Dani Carvajal has been the first footballer to analyze the derby after the end of the match. The right back has been the protagonist as he was directly involved in the expulsion of Hermoso. In addition, he has analyzed the game as one of the Real Madrid captains.

Victory, leadership before the break

“Objective fulfilled. We came to win and we have achieved it. We were comfortable with the 0-2, but in the end it was a bit complicated for us. But the positive thing is that we are leading the break”.

Analysis of the play of Mario Hermoso and his expulsion

“Everything has been generated by a challenge that I made to Reinildo and I have achieved the objective that was to stop the rhythm a bit. Mario makes a mistake and comes for me to reproach me, that has caused the second and the street”

Rodrygo’s performance acting in the position of Benzema

“It’s very difficult to put on Benzema’s shirt, but Rodrygo is very good and gives very good solutions. That has allowed us to play with a lot of width and he has scored again.”

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