Valverde accepts Ancelotti’s challenge

Fede Valverde does not stop growing. Ancelotti challenged him with the ten goals and the midfielder has already added three, to which we must add two assists

Fede Valverde meets all the conditions that Real Madrid like, those that turn the stands upside down and that make idols of players who have their football ideology in dedication and in the fight.

The good thing is that the Uruguayan, in addition, is showing that his does not end or begin in the claw. The quality and that power perfectly coupled to his game and what Real Madrid needs at all times, make him a decisive player. He was in Paris in the Champions League final and is being in every game this season. He grows and does not stop.

That goal that scored Barcelona in the semifinal of the Super Cup reversed a trend that was beginning to worry the midfielder himself. Doubts have given way to certainties. Since last January he has taken flight and that shyness that appeared, has given way to a decisive player in the opposite area and that is not achieved by running and running without stopping. It is achieved with quality, the one that Fede Valverde has.

Ancelotti had no doubt that in front of him he had a diamond to polish or at least to bring out all the brilliance that he still contained and had not shown. Already last season he told him to take a step forward in attack and well he did, but he found himself with the crossbar up to four times.

In this campaign, the challenge became a bet between player and coach. Ancelotti challenged him to score 10 goals, a challenge taken on by the Uruguayan, who has already managed to score three goals this season, accompanied by two assists, becoming decisive in generating an advantage for Real Madrid.

four games in a row

His numbers in the last four games played clear up any doubts. He started the count by assisting Rodrygo against Betis, a circumstance that was repeated against

Celtic, in this case Vinicius. Great goal against Mallorca with his gallop of 55 meters, to see the door again against RB Leipzig.

It so happened that the two assists were given to his teammates with a tie on the scoreboard and in compromising situations for Real Madrid. The goal against Mallorca came with the score against and in the last minute of the first half, while RB Leipzig’s goal appeared when the Madrid team had the worst time.

The importance and influence of the Uruguayan is beyond doubt. If someone had doubts about Valverde, they have been completely cleared. And it is that the Uruguayan can get to where he wants to go… or where Ancelotti tells him. Will he achieve the ten goals?

source: marca

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