Thomas Muller is shocked after the Barcelona match

Bayern Munich player Thomas Muller’s house was robbed during his participation in his team’s match against Barcelona in the Champions League, which ended in favor of the Bavarian team with two clean goals.

Muller rushed to leave the stadium immediately after the final whistle, after learning of the incident, and did not make any statements to the press commenting on the match.

According to the newspaper (Bild), the home of the veteran German midfielder was robbed at about ten o’clock local time, in the midst of the match against Barcelona.

The newspaper quoted the police as confirming the theft of money, jewelry and expensive collectibles, noting that the authorities have not yet found evidence to detect the thieves, and that investigations are underway.

With Bayern’s victory, he leads his third group with six points, compared to three points for Barcelona, ​​the same balance as Inter, while the Czech Victoria Plzen has no points.

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